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  1. Hello!

    I am so excited for the foraging season here in Central Oregon! Would you mind to add me to the email list? I hope to make it to the next meeting too. How exciting finding this website is! Hooray for community and hooray for fungi!


  2. Hello,

    Super interested about joining the group.
    Been into foraging for over a decade, and hope to learn more with like minded folks. Hope to hear from you, thank you for this awesome website!

  3. Greetings, I would like to talk to someone about joining your club. I live in Prineville.


  4. always wanted to find alot of morels in this late spring season. am an avid forager of many other mushrooms here at breitenbush hotsprings and down in the santa cruz mtns along the coast of ca. is the morel season happening or what?

    i suspect after these rains this week and with a little sun the incredible morels could be coming at us? would love to hike with you fine folk.

    lator gator,

  5. I’m new to this and comfortable picking motels but that’s it .I came across a huge mushroom bigger than I thought existed. I found it by Crain prairie but have no idea what it is . Does anyone know what it might be ..It was about 10inches wide and 10tall

  6. I was curious the elevation that people are having luck finding morels at this early in the season?I had no luck at my trusted spot which is higher in elevation.

  7. 4-13-16
    We stopped at the Forest Service in Sisters to get our mushroom permits. And they were going to make us ‘pick’ the dates, the 10 dates we planned to be hunting for mushrooms. It was something to do with being compliant. After my husband pitched a fit we got it for any 10 days. But others may run into this issue. Just a heads up.

  8. I’m new to living in Bend and am so excited to find a mycological club! I’d like to come to your next meeting. Details?

  9. Hi,
    I think I found a cauliflower mushroom and would like to have it identified. Can anyone give me a place to do this? Have two and about 15 pounds total, guessing. Do not think I can eat all of it so maybe looking for a place that might buy some of it, any ideas?

  10. need help in identifying mushrooms growing in our pasture. They’re a type of Agaricus ? Had it looked at and got spore prints but still need expert id . These are (pretty sure) Meadow Mushrooms that just popped up in August and now again just this week.

  11. Anyone willing to show my family and I the ropes with hunting mushrooms? We are highly interested and not afraid to get dirty. Please let me know

    541 246 4222

  12. Stu and I spent a couple of hours walking the woods at the 4.5k + or – near Whychus and Snow Creeks. Ground was very soggy, lots of shrooms (armillaria?) but no morels. I found 3 stumps in one spot, but no other signs. I was in the same area exactly a year ago and found many, but it now seems too early. The woods were lovely; there has been tree replanting, the creeks are running clear, and woodpeckers were abundant. Certainly 2 well spent hours, even without the harvest.

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