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  1. Hi,
    I think I found a cauliflower mushroom and would like to have it identified. Can anyone give me a place to do this? Have two and about 15 pounds total, guessing. Do not think I can eat all of it so maybe looking for a place that might buy some of it, any ideas?

  2. need help in identifying mushrooms growing in our pasture. They’re a type of Agaricus ? Had it looked at and got spore prints but still need expert id . These are (pretty sure) Meadow Mushrooms that just popped up in August and now again just this week.

  3. Anyone willing to show my family and I the ropes with hunting mushrooms? We are highly interested and not afraid to get dirty. Please let me know

    541 246 4222

  4. Stu and I spent a couple of hours walking the woods at the 4.5k + or – near Whychus and Snow Creeks. Ground was very soggy, lots of shrooms (armillaria?) but no morels. I found 3 stumps in one spot, but no other signs. I was in the same area exactly a year ago and found many, but it now seems too early. The woods were lovely; there has been tree replanting, the creeks are running clear, and woodpeckers were abundant. Certainly 2 well spent hours, even without the harvest.

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