Identification of mushrooms

Hygrophorus purpurascens


A common spring mushroom when hunting morels.  The gills are thick and waxy feeling. The cap, gills and stem are often all spotted with purple-red dots.  It is not of interest as an edible, like most waxy caps.

3 thoughts on “Identification of mushrooms”

  1. Yes, I actually found one of those yesterday! Caught my eye because of the beautiful purple. I know nothing about this type but it sure was beautiful ? I found it on the Oregon Coast walking through Oswald State Park.

  2. Hi, While visiting Sunriver last week we came upon a mushroom that we tentatively identified as Polyporus squamosus. We have photos and spore print which we would be glad to share.

    Has anyone in your club found this mushroom elsewhere?

  3. hi I have some mushrooms in my backyard in Bend that look like giant morels, I have photos, but I cannot get my photos on to my computer, but I can text to you if you have a cell phone that I can sent to, they are huge! please let me know if I can sent the photos to you via cell, I will keep trying to download photos to my computer! thank you;, Rhoda

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