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Welcome to Mushrooms in Bend. We are just getting started and hope to have an organized membership soon. Many interesting mushroom hunters have taken my mushroom class and are currently on my email list. This website will be easier for all of us to post fungi alerts as things come up. Thanks to Justice Hoffman for all this work.

As Ann says, mushroom hunting is a gentle sport that does little damage to the world and gets us all out into the fresh air. Be kind, and enjoy! (Linda)

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  1. Please add me to your mailing list – thanks! Is the meeting/talk on the 14th open if we haven’t joined yet?

  2. Please add me to your mailing list. Would love to go on an outing with you guys to learn about the mushrooms of the area and how to safely identify them!

  3. I just got back from Eastern Oregon and I found Blewitts,
    pink bottoms, oyster mushrooms! I found about six other
    species in an area that gets less than thirteen inches of
    precipitation a year. I am excited to hear that there is a
    mushroom club in Bend!

  4. I met artist Julie Hamilton at an OSU event….I would love to join and be on your mailing list. I would love to learn more. Thank you.

  5. Hello, We live near Klamath Falls and my husband is an avid hunter and always has wanted to gather mushrooms he’s come across out in the woods, but I refuse to eat something I have no idea what it is, so my question is, is there a book on mushrooms edible and non of the pacific northwest that we should buy? I have tried googling and not much comes up but, a few pamphlet style and I think we need more indepth info and resources online, however those aren’t helpful when your out in the woods searching. Thank you

  6. We are brand new newbies to the mushroom world and would love to learn more. We would like to come to your next meeting on November 9th. Can you email information?

  7. Would love to get involved! Just moved to the area, from northern British Columbia. Picker of boletes, and loads upon loads of chanterelles. Eager to learn about mushrooms in the eastern cascades and meet like minded folks!!!!

  8. Ditto to many of the comments above. We’re new to ‘shrooming and confidently harvest chantrelles in the fall and are still seeking good spots for spring morels. We’d love to join, take your class, receive newsletters, attend meetings & outings.

    Mac and Victoria in Sisters

  9. Hi, looking to learn. How do I join the group? I can drive if anyone wants to go with me. Thanks.

  10. When is the next meeting? I’m fairly new to mushroom gathering but I’m very intrigued. I would love to come to a meeting and meet everyone!


  11. Our next mushroom meeting is next Weds., Oct. 28, in Bend at the Environmental Center, 6:30. Come join us, John.

  12. Hi! I’m wondering if someone can help me positively identify my first matsutakes? I’m visiting my sister in Redmond and found them in Mt. Hood on the way over. I’m taking the kiddos to the High Desert Museum tomorrow morning and can bring them to wherever.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    Megan Cagigas

  13. Looking to join the group. Significant hiking and outdoors experience/interest, but mushrooms have just escaped me…it’s time to become educated, and to enjoy them more…

  14. How exciting it is to find you! I am interested in learning mushroom identification and love to be outdoors in our beautiful woods. I phoned COCC today and I was told that the class won’t be offered until next fall, but I am hoping that a group might be meeting anyway over the winter. I would very much like to be part of that group. I am in La Pine and have several mushroom species on the property. I’d like to be SURE what they are. Thanks.

  15. I am an avid forager and a recent transplant to the State. I would very much like participating in this club as well as the class if there are any slots still available. Thanks in advance, Liz.

  16. Any possibility of a class in La Pine- Think identification is something many residents of this particular area would be interested in. Many of us have several varieties of mushrooms that come up on our property every year. Books are helpful but mostly to identify poison ones -still nervous about which ones are edible and every year get new ones. Please consider

  17. Love this October rain – would love to join the club and have friends to roam the woods with! 🙂 Please add me to your club, will happily pay dues, or whatever ! Cheers!

  18. Hello,
    My name is Paul O’Neill and I am a newbie but very interested in learning about hunting for mushrooms. I would love to get on the mailing list. My email is oneill353@gmail.com. I would love if someone would let me tag along on a mushrooms hunting adventure so that I could get the basics! Let me know if anyone is open to that!.

  19. Is there anyway we could pay just to go on the field trips it seems i am too late to register for the class.

  20. Hello,
    I am a newbie interested in learning about how to hunt for mushrooms! Is it too late to get involved with the class at cocc? How does one do that anyways? My email is oneill353@gmail.com please contact me or put me on the list.

  21. I was hoping I could be added to your mailing list. My husband and I know virtually nothing about collecting mushrooms. Have gone twice with a friend and would like to learn more. It appears I may be too late for the class at COCC..

  22. Hi,

    I am interested in taking the mycology class. Would you be able to direct me on how to enroll in this class?


  23. I’ve been a shroomhunter for over 35 years. Would love to be in the group. Would love to scout with new friends. Live and work downtown and have access to a conference room for meetings anytime. Thanks! Mary G. 541 771 8947

  24. Not sure, Santiago. I don’t see your email on this post so I can’t put you on my email list, but I always post if we are having a meeting ahead of time. Keep checking. – Linda

  25. My wife and I have been collecting mushrooms for about the last 18-20 years around the Mt Hood National Forest areas. We recognize about 15 species but don’t claim to be expert mushroom hunters. We are always looking for classes to advance our knowledge and reach out beyond our limits. Are you or do you know of any classes with hands on in the forest identification of wild mushrooms for 2014? We are really interested. Thank you Steve,

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