Agaricus subrutilescens

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Delicious Agaricus subrutilescens

This is a new edible for us. We have never found enough of it to try, but last weekend at the coast we stumbled upon a patch of a couple dozen beauties, many of them buttons.
This is not a beginners mushroom, so we carefully stepped through Arora’s MD description and it fit perfectly. Even so, we tried only a little to start to make sure we weren’t the ones to have allergic reactions. Yum! Our next meal was delightful. The wine colored fibril on the cap are so very distinctive and lovely.

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  1. There are lots of mushrooms growing near my workplace in patches of between 3-5 mushrooms, and some are single. They look beautiful, but I don’t know if they’re edible. There must be at leat 4 types. By reading your article above, It sounded like you’d tried something that you never had before. How do you know if they’re edible? 🙂 I love mushrooms but am afraid to try unless I know for sure that they’re safe to eat.

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