Morels keep coming on Green Ridge


From Green Ridge – above the Metolius River

We hunted with friends on Sunday, May 23, starting at the Black Butte burn on Rd. 11, but found little.  We slowly made our way up near the top of Green Ridge where the Wizard Falls fire ended several years ago.  Ah-ha, Big morels, not the small little burn babies, but big ponderosa-pine-cone-sized morels!

We hiked up and down the hill, seeing only a few cuttings of other pickers. Some morels were fresh at 4500 ft. and some older, having been frozen and thawed a few times.  By the time we reached the top of the ridge, it was late and my eyes were tired of looking, so most of what we found was in the last hour and you see in this basket.  Still there is enough to dry instead of eating every one in a meal or two.  Yes, I know they are supposed to be cut in half so they can’t be sold.  They crumble so easily when cut if they aren’t totally fresh  With our little last minute stash, we broke the rule, one that Ron usually is very good about following.  Finding the big morels is so much more fun than all those little cones!

basket of wonderfulness
P.S.  Ron and I went out a few days later (Tues, May 24) and came home with twice this many in 2 hours from the same area.  More were older, however.
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  1. I drove from Cali to check it out any tips on finding them trees to look under direction of slope etc.

  2. At last I can get into the comment area.

    Yesterday 3 of us went to Greenridge and harvested about 6 gallons of morels at about the 4600 foot level. OH happy days!!!

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