Morels are up!


Thanks to Jim B. !

Thank you, Jim B. for the photo and the great news that morels have been found in Central Oregon.  I received this information on April 23, but have been out of town, so here is the latest breaking news from Jim:

I found these morels this afternoon on the road to Wizard Falls near the controlled burn from 2 years ago.  All of these were in one area and I did not find any more, must have been my lucky day.  They wanted me to find them.

Hope you get a  chance to get out and hunt!  Bragging rights given to those who post here!

From Dave M. on April 28:

Yesterday, three of us went to the Metolius.  We searched from about 2800 ft to 3700 ft.  The very few we found low were old.  Of the total take of about a pint, the vast majority was found at 3600 ft.  That was way higher than I anticipated.  (Proof of my limited harvest can be seen on Sunday.)  I did not think that the Camp Sherman Store would be selling them yet so I had to settle for just a few.

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3 thoughts on “Morels are up!”

  1. Scott,

    I tried to check that area out after we met along the river, but I was in a hurry, and without a compass ( and a good idea where I was heading) I was not comfortable going too far from the car. I saw the controlled burn though, and as you said, nothing there. I’ve checked out a few other controlled burn areas this spring, and perhaps it is just me, but it seems like a fair percentage of the trees need to get dead before burns will pay off, even if the duff gets burned down to mineral soil.

  2. I finally got out today with my boy to look for morels. We lucked out and found almost 400!! in about 3 hours. Elevation was roughly 3600 to 3900 ft. Lower down was a little dry, above 3700 we left lots of babies for next time. Good luck all..

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