Recap of the Mushroom Club Potluck/meeting!

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Frank and Rebecca’s Hunter Grace          

May 2, 2010m  Mushroom Potluck/meeting

About 28 folks showed up at Dave and Lynette’s house on Sunday afternoon, May 2 , with great appetizers and tasty wines.  Doug B. brought a dish containing Hericium from last fall.  Yum!  Several versions of tyropitas stuffed with mushrooms added to the fungal fair.  Several folks had morel stories to share from their excursions this last week. Diane O. brought in a small bag to show off the handful of morels she found near Wizard Falls on Sat.  Dave M. and friends talked about the pint or two they found mid-week along the Metolius river and showed photos to prove it.  Lots of looking for little return, they say. 

 We have someone in Central Oregon who knows how to cultivate fungi! Garret T. brought pictures of his cultivated mushroom bounty. Check out these lovely pink and blue oyster mushrooms! He has agreed to set up a class on cultivation and help us get started in the next 2 months.  Thanks Garret!

Diane B.  offered to have the next meeting at her house in June.  Meanwhile, Hans B. will be taking over the data entry part of our mushroom group, now that the email list is getting so long. He is tabulating the survey results, too. If you would like to take the interest survey and have some say in what happens to our club, please contact Linda,

We still don’t have an official name. Many are leaning towards Central Oregon Mushroom Club (COMC), which is close to “comic” and that is appropriate considering the members we have! Also mentioned: Central Oregon Mushroom Enthusiasts (COME), but COMA seemed to be out of favor.  Until there is an official vote, we’ll just go with COMC, for fun.

Getting together to hunt on a foray has been left to the individual to contact those on the membership list.  The meetings are opportunities to get to know others with whom you could hunt.  If you are going out to hunt and want company, you can post here and leave an email for contact.  To get onto our membership list that includes your days of availability, contact Linda at the email listed above.   Good luck out there!

Frank and Rebecca G. went hunting morels instead of potlucking, but were lucky enough to find a meal’s worth to accompany the asparagus and pasta and sent the sweet photo of Hunter Grace! Frank said that they found all of their morels around 3100 feet and nothing above that. 

Keep checking this website and please post what you find and the approximate elevation.  It keeps us all inspired.

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  1. Susie and I are looking forward to our visit to Bend for the month of May to collect morels and meet some of the fine folks who enjoy collecting and studying mushrooms.

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