Best of Show Fungi Fest photos

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The best of show for our Fungi Fest was Dale W.’s Boletus edulis, King Bolete, or Porcini.  It is sad that these were our best specimens, but a snowstorm in the mountains got in our way.  Yes, these two Kings are actually from the coast, but are still representative of the King Boletes that we get here in the fall.  I have seen 3 buttons in the last 2 weeks brought to me by local newbies and, of course, they wanted to keep them to eat.  What can I say?   Someone was commenting that our King Boletes seem much more bulbous at the base than those from the coast.  It could be true.  Perhaps this is a separate subspecies.

Also note Susanne E’s talent decorations making all the room a festive fall experience! Thanks.

Dale's King bolete makes best of show

Dale’s King bolete makes best of show

Best of showbySusanne

The beauty of Susanne’s touch.

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