Dr. David Pilz will speak about morels on Weds., June 14

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We are excited to have Dr. Pilz come to Bend and share his fascinating talk about morels on June 14.  The meeting will be held at the Environmental Center in downtown Bend,  16 NW Kansas at 6 PM. Bring mushrooms you find for our id. table so others can learn what’s out there.
Doggone Eccentric Morels: The Opportunistic Mycelia of an Edible Mushroom Weed
Morels are among the most highly prized edible mushrooms worldwide. Yet many species are just now being definitively delineated and named. And they are weirder than Portland.

Conjoined morels often have genes from different parents. They can derive nutrition from multiple resources. Triggers for fruiting are complex and predicting where and when they will show up can vary from inscrutable to certain. They are experts at camouflage and require pattern recognition skills to observe. Indeed, trying to pin down morels can cause a form of ‘madness’ in humans.

Join me as we take out our tricorders and delve into the eccentricity of Morels!

Dave Pilz is a Consultant and Writer through the auspices of his business, PilzWald – Forestry Applications of Mycology. For nine years he conducted research on the Productivity and Sustainable Harvest of Edible Forest Mushrooms at the Pacific Northwest Research Station (USDA-Forest Service) in Corvallis, Oregon. Subsequently, he worked four more years as a Forest Mycologist with Oregon State University. There he published research on the compatible production of commercially-valuable forest fungi in forests managed for timber and other amenities. Contact information and PDF files of most of his publications may be obtained at www.pilzwald.com
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