An excellent potluck with great photos and plenty of sharing.

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Dave's winning Stropharia photoCongratulations to Dave Prybylowski for his winning photo of Stropharia hornemanii at our annual Mushroom Hunter’s Survival Potluck last night! Many wonderful mushroom pictures were submitted and voted on by the 45 or so attendees. Dave won a hand-drawn framed print of a beautiful morel, drawn by our own Julie Hamilton! Great shot, Dave!

Stropharia hornemanii has purple-brown spores that you can see in this photo collecting on the skirt-like veil on the stem.  It likes growing on well-decayed wood and is generally considered inedible.  The floccose stem is an excellent identifying feature.

Besides the great photos for the photo contest, attendees brought many mushroom dishes from salads, main dishes, even desserts.  Lawrence and Ken arranged a huge screen in the room to show pictures from our field trips and many interesting mushroom shots, accompanied by music.  There was a word puzzle and a mixer questionnaire, both had prizes for the winners.

Amanita cakeThis is Mary Peter’s Amanita Cake!  Chocolate inside with dark cherries marinated in cognac. What a site to see!  Incredibly delicious as it is beautiful.
In this photo you will also notice cute meringue mushrooms that melt in your mouth and next to them, my candy cap cupcakes, flavored only with candy cap mushrooms (Lactarius rubidus.) They were purchased dried from a mushroom seller at a booth in Eugene. $10 oz.  The maple flavor is INTENSE  and permeated my kitchen all evening. I found the recipe here at
If you missed the potluck this year, make sure not to let that happen next time!  The food is so interesting and tasty and the folks who come are eager to share their mushroom knowledge and questions.  Join us!
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