The year for Pig’s Ears and Strange things in the woods

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img_1869Such a lovely day on Willamette Pass!  It had been raining; it wasn’t cold and we saw not a drop of rain all day.  Many mushrooms, especially the challenging LBMs, were fruiting despite the late autumn date.  Snow is predicted this coming week, so today may have been our last “local”(within an hour or so) mushroom hunt.  We returned to the places we had found Gomphus clavatus two different times earlier in the fall, and to our delight, there they were again!  These clusters were in excellent shape!  A few yellow Chanterelles, a perfect Aureoboletus mirabilis (Admirable bolete)  and Lactarius rubrilactus (Red Milky Cap) made the day even better, but the last thing we found was so VERY strange!  Check this out!


Phycomyces nitens or blakesleeana?

This is in the fungal kingdom, but is in the section of molds. Feels like hair, too. The longest strands are maybe 4 inches! It took me forever to remember what this is because I have only found it once or twice in my life.  Cool!!


Phycomyces species – “Pin mold.” It looks just like hair or fur and has tiny spore filled balls at the tips of the “hairs.”

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