Amazing Clair’s Shaggy Parasols

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Buttons of shaggy parasol

From Clair’s email:

“We have another bumper crop of shaggy parasol (Chlorophyllum rhacodes) in our yard right now. (You may also find them listed as Lepiota or Macrolepiota). I counted 33 this morning. Last year I picked about 20 of these large mushrooms (6”-8” diam.) from our yard. They are excellent sautéed, but do need to be cooked well. I also found they are a great mushroom for drying; they reconstitute very well, and have a delicious taste. If you run across these, they are well-worth picking. We’ll have some with roast chicken tonight!

Just be certain of your identification. The base of the shaggy parasol is bulbous, but does not have a basal cup like Amanitas. The flesh will slowly bruise orange, then brown. A spore print (white spores) will separate it from the toxic green-gilled parasol (Chlorophyllum molybdites), which has greenish spores. Fortunately the green-gilled parasol is not known to occur in our area, but it’s always wise to be certain of your identification.

Check with Linda if you need help with identification!”

"Shaggy Parasol cap"

Shaggy parasol cluster

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