Month: January 2018

Annual “Survivor’s Potluck” on Feb. 3, Sat. at 6 PM.

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Our potluck is a popular event for those of us who are trying to “survive”  without mushroom hunting until spring!  Please join us for a feast of great mushroomy foods and camaraderie.   Folks that are coming to potluck are asked to bring their own table settings to save on the waste we have to haul away.  Any mushroom dish needs to be labeled with the mushroom it contains and any other important info, i.e. vegetarian, gluten free, etc. The potluck will be held at the Sons of Norway hall, 549 NW Harmon, Bend, at 6 PM.  We have found that with so many tables and 60 people attending, the room  is quite full.  If you want to secure your place at the feast, please let Julie Hamilton know you are coming. because she will cut it off at 60.  Her email is

During the banquet,  all those in attendance can vote on their favorite photo and awards will be given to the top shots in the photo contest.  If you are interested in participating in the contest, please email Laurence Boomer at We will have other small “mushroomy” activities, too.  You can renew your club membership or join for the first time during the event, as well.

We really look forward to seeing you Saturday.

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