Month: March 2016

21 mushroomers attend talk on growing Oyster mushrooms at home

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Jerime with oystersfresh fruiting oysters21 folks at the meeting











Thank you, Jerime, for an informative and inspiring talk on your adventures growing oysters.  It was fascinating that the flavor of the oysters seem to change with the kind of things you add to the substrate mix, like coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, etc. You talked about each of the obstacles you faced, like contamination and low fruiting and how to overcome them. You generously gave each of us oyster spawn to grow our on and offered a hands-on workshop in the near future. Very helpful information!  I hope the folks who attended will comment on their success with their own little spawn packages. I will keep you posted on mine, too.

Morels are starting!

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I am excited to post this message I received from Joe today!  Morels this early in March! Get out and check your low spots and let us know how you do.

“Hey Linda.
You got me into mushroom hunting last year. Found two whole Morels????. Headed over to Medford this week and happened to stumble upon these. Let’s hope for an early season in bend as well.  Joe R.”  

More from Joe:  Found these  “In the wood chips around work. Coworkers got them in the woods this last weekend. 1750 feet is what I am at. Will try this evening on my way home around shady cove and let you know details if I find.”