Month: April 2014

Incredible Clair sends his Spring greeting

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We always look forward to hearing from Clair to keep us abreast of what great edible is fruiting and he comes through once again with this photo of his recent morel find.  Here is his email of yesterday, April 29:

“I found a few morels yesterday, lower elevations along the Metolius; picked enough for dinner last night, and an omelet this morning. Bonus harvest was Siberian miner’s lettuce, which is abundant this spring. We use the miner’s lettuce in salads, smoothies, and sometimes sauted. It’s high in vitamins C and A, very succulent and tasty. Sorry to miss the meeting next week, but we’ll be down in SW Utah.”

Thank you, Clair, for the update and info on miner’s lettuce.

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The Central Oregon Mushroom Club will gather on Weds., May 7 at 6:30 PM at the Rosie Bareis Campus, 1010 NW 14th in Bend.  Bring mushrooms from your yard or the forest, if you’re lucky enough and slides on a flash drive of your finds, if  you want.  We will talk mushrooms and I (Linda) will show slides of spring mushrooms of Central Oregon.  If you have been out looking for morels, we especially want to hear from you! How is it going?  Where are they coming up?

Our little club is looking for new leadership. Julie H. has been carrying the torch for a number of years now with little or no help.  She is ready to hand the presidency over to someone new to carry our club to new places.  We could have amazing speakers and workshops durng the mushroom season, with the right team in the lead.  I am always available to help, but I am not the club, so please consider what you would be willing to do to make this an excellent resource for friends of fungi.

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Morels yet?

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Hello Fungal Friends!   Let’s get this season started!  This last storm and the warm weather coming should make our morels start popping.   I have heard tales of many morels in Kelly Point Park, outside of Portland, about a week or so back.  I hear they are up in Washougal WA,  Klamath Falls area, and have even started near the Metolius river, so now is the time to get your mushroom permit and get out there!  Please post comments on here to get us excited.  Pictures are lovely, too.

I am including a photo of a favorite of mine that Mia found a few days ago. It looks to be a Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus,) a mushroom that must be cooked right away or they turn to ink! They come up even before the morels in yards and fields in Bend, so keep your eyes open!

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