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We headed to our special spot on Santiam Pass and found this stash of chanterelles. They were very wet, just like us, as that thunderstorm continued to provide badly needed rain on the west side. The chanterelles are localized – only in spots where we have found them before, nowhere else. We had to work around a huge tree that fell in the middle of the area and we didn’t expect to find this many.  Some of the larger ones were right in the middle of huckleberry bushes. Did I say they are excellent with salmon and capers?

I hear from others that their chanterelle spots are also producing though no one is bragging but me. Ky has them for sale at his booth in Sisters, too.

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Sorry about the late notice, but if you get a chance, come to the Bend downtown library tonight, Weds. Aug 8, at 6 PM for a talk by Skye Weintraub on mushroom hunting in Central Oregon. If you miss her, she will be at the Sunriver library tomorrow, Thursday, at 1 PM. It’s nice to see new pictures and hear more speakers on fungi!!

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