Month: June 2013


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An amazing, awesome, and edible mushroom

Yesterday made the fourth time in the last two weeks I have been asked this question. I love the asking because it was exactly my initial reaction to this amazing fruit. What I didn’t know is that this even grows here in Bend, in a residential area near a building. This is Calvatia sculpta. It is edible and quite good breaded and fried, or dried for excellent soup stock, but make sure the interior is totally marshmallowy white. How delightful that this sculpted puffball grows in town. I hope you get a chance to find one this season.

Quiet on the mushroom front


I haven’t heard any bragging about big stashes of mushrooms lately so I am wondering if the season has taken a break until this rain soaks in. Ron and I have been out a bit looking for spring kings and have found a just few, and about as many “dried on the vine” morels around 5600 ft. We are hoping that the moisture will bring out all the hidden boletes just under soil surface.

What have you been finding?

Warm weather welcomes worms

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We headed up on Century Drive, abut 5500 ft., hoping to find spring kings and maybe morels. It took awhile, but we found a dinner’s worth  (1 lb.) of pretty fresh morels and two large spring kings that were just good enough to take home after  trimming. Other kings we found were far too wormy, especially at lower elevations. I guess it’s time for the high country.