Month: December 2012

Hedgehog mushroom from the coast about a week ago


My friend Dale, mushroom hunter extraordinaire, brought me these Hydnum repandum specimens from along Hwy 101 picked about a week ago. He said there are many more where these came from. They love colder weather and I have found them along the lower end of the passes at this time, too.
These specimens are particularly light colored compared with the more orange-chanterelle-looking mushrooms we have found closer to the mts. Dale also picked a lot of Albetrellus or one of the white polypores that looked so much like the hedgehog, we had to peer very closely at the undersurface to see if there were truly spines along the surface or just angular pores.
Nice to see fungi still fruiting. If you are heading over the passes or to the coast, you may still find tasty edibles.

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