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Agaricus subrutilescens

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Delicious Agaricus subrutilescens

This is a new edible for us. We have never found enough of it to try, but last weekend at the coast we stumbled upon a patch of a couple dozen beauties, many of them buttons.
This is not a beginners mushroom, so we carefully stepped through Arora’s MD description and it fit perfectly. Even so, we tried only a little to start to make sure we weren’t the ones to have allergic reactions. Yum! Our next meal was delightful. The wine colored fibril on the cap are so very distinctive and lovely.

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One week ago on the coast!

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Clair's coastal matsies2012

An email from Clair K. on 11/14/12:

My wife had business in Eugene (Mon/Tues), so I dropped her off and headed over to the Florence area. Attached are some photos.

I was fortunate to gather a nice bunch of fall kings, and several really nice matsutake. I found all these under shore pine along the coastal dunes. State Parks and Siuslaw National Forest beach access sites offer lots of opportunity. The kings and matsutake were widely scattered, not locally abundant anywhere I saw. I had to cover a lot of ground to find these, but it was great! I also saw a lot of beautiful “non-game” mushrooms. Suillus tomentosus were abundant, and seemed to be a decent indicator for kings and matsutake; when I was seeing lots of Suillus, I seemed to be “in the zone”. Also numerous A. muscaria; very beautiful.

State Parks and Siuslaw National Parks beach access sites offer lots of opportunity. The Siuslaw National Forest has a more civilized approach to permitting personal-use picking than some of her sister forests. Recreational pickers can gather up to 1 gallon of mushrooms per day, including up to 6 matsutake, with no permit required. Matsutake only need to have ½ inch trimmed off the stem to differentiate from commercial harvest. Mushrooms don’t need to be split. Be aware that there are a number of commercial matsutake contracts in effect in the Oregon Dunes area, so there’s a fair amount of commercial pressure there.

If folks have the time and urge, right now should be a great time to head to the coast for mushrooms! I imagine there might be good chanterelle picking in the coast range now too, but I didn’t look into that.

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