Month: September 2012

Chanterelles come up without rain sometimes

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Here is our usual Chanterelle stash that we generally harvest several weeks earlier. Because we went so late, there were more to pick, it seems, even without rain in the area. Many were too dry to take, others were fresh and soft. Not bad for one hour of work with two people picking.

We put sauteed chanterelles on leftover cheese pizza topped off with fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes. I think I have now tasted heaven!

One upsetting note is that someone has found our special spot and put flagging all the way from the parking area to the exact fruiting spot. I couldn’t believe the flagging went right to that spot. Nor could I believe we still found mushrooms, but I guess we got there first. Now it’s time to look for another “special spot.” We have been picking there for almost 20 years and have never been “skunked.” The time is coming very soon. I am grateful for the bounty we have enjoyed for so long.

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Mushrooms arriving

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From Desiree Johnson on Aug 28,

I thought I would pass along what I saw today in the woods near Odell Butte (south to hwy 58), mixed coniferous, 4500 feet:

White chanterelle ( one, small)

Matsutake (3 old ones, probably from rain storm one month ago)

Blue-suede shoes/blue knight (Albatrellus fletii- decent amount)”

Thanks Desiree

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