Month: July 2012

Julie H’s morel photos from Big Lake burn

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From Julie Hamilton:
We went to the burn at Big Lake twice in the last week. There were a
few commercial pickers who’s numbers were greatly exagerated. If they
were there they parked and were looking somewhere else. The first day
we came out with 3 1/2 pounds and probably two the second day. The
best picking all spring. Took a few shots to share. Check out all
the different colors.

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Quiet on the mushroom front? Not Ramaria.


Few postings have been happening lately. Looks like the spring season is dying down. I thought the high country would still produce some exciting finds, but I have heard very little from folks, so who knows. How are the king boletes this season?

Ron and I camped in the Ochocos earlier this week and found maybe half a dozen large natural morels in the woods after hours of looking. Ramaria (coral) were fruiting in all stages. A nice smallish Calvatia booniana was fruiting along the road at about 5200 ft. Very firm and pure white inside. We ate it this evening in Puffball Parmesan topped with marinara sauce.

I heard that the burn near Big Lake was producing many many small morels last weekend, but at least 200 pickers descended on the area, so good luck finding what is left.

Dale W. continues to bring in a variety of mushrooms from his travels around the PNW. A black slime mold, stinky Sclerodermas, pretty Amanita apricas, and others I haven’t figured out. Certainly the Ramaria specimens pictured. Lots of Ramaria still fresh in the woods. Do you like Ramaria? If so, how do you cook them?

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