Month: April 2012

Mushroom Club meeting for Spring -April 25


Julie Hamilton has taken on the job of getting us together to pursue  our passion for mushrooms.  She has signed a contract with the folks who run Rosie Baries campus to rent the main hall every 4th Weds. of the month for our club’s mushroom meeting!  Thanks, Julie.

Our first meeting at the site will be on April 25, Weds., at 6:30 pm.  Morel hunting will be discusssed and those who want to attend field trips will be given the opportunity to sign up.  If you are interested in becoming a member of COMC (Central Oregon Mushroom Club), email Julie at  She will email you back with an application and get you on our private website.

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Okay, it’s time to think about Morels!


Morels just waiting to be picked

Seems like the winter will not leave us, but our eyes are seeing signs of spring and that means Morel season!  I hope that all of you will post whatever you know about the current fruitings of our favorite spring mushroom.  Erin already posted about finding them in Grants Pass, so please keep the postings coming as you travel through morel country. We usually don’ t hear from locals near Bend until the first week of May, but every year is different!

From Erin’s post on April 9.2012

I was just in the valley (grants pass) and found 7 small light brown morels! Getting excited for Central Oregon to get into morel season. Think it will be early this year- mid May maybe b/c of our mild winter?

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