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Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Show in Eugene Oct 30


Ron and I are heading to Eugene tomorrow for the mushroom show.  Such a great event and plenty to do. Check out Cascade Mycological Society’s website for the schedule of fun activities – hay rides, cider press, music, etc.

We were out collecting mushrooms for the show today and found interesting specimens to look at, but not many edibles. Just a few chanterelles.  This has been a strange fruitng season.   I think the coast is more consistent, but too far to drive  in one afternoon.

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Yachats Mushroom Festival this weekend, Oct 21-23

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We will be attending the Yachats Mushroom Festival at the coast this weekend. David Arora will be presenting his very entertaining and informative talk on Friday evening at 7:30 PM.  His talk is $13 per person and well worth it if you haven’t seen him before.  Saturday is filled with workshops and talks from highly respected and fascinating mycologists and mushroom specialists along with hourly mushroom walks during the day. I haven’t mentioned that all the local restaurants get involved and offer unique wild mushroom entres and appetizers that you can’t find anywhere else.  The mycologists’ talks (except Arora’s) and walks (except Arora’s) are free after buying a $5 wristband for transportation that will shuttle you to any of the walks and talks.  This is a great deal.  Try not to miss this!  Be sure to look at the schedule and plan before you go because there is too much to do it all.  Here is link for the full schedule:

Hope to see you there!

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Julie leads a mushroom trip Weds. Oct. 19


Julie H. of the Central Oregon Mushroom Club has offered to lead a mushroom outing tomorrow, Weds., Oct. 19, if you get this message in time. Here is her post from the club’s yahoo site:

“Planning an outing for Wednesday the 19th. I know, short notice, we can always do it again soon. Jim and are thinking about going down to the Crane Prairie area. There are lots of places to check out close by. Come along if you can. Plan on the whole day. We’ll leave early, come back in the afternoon. Bring a lunch and water. We’ll meet at the 14th St. Safeway parking lot at 9:00. Let me know if you’re thinking of coming. ”

If you were a member of the club, you would have gotten this notice right to your email box.  To join, contact Julie at She will send you a membership form and put you on the yahoo email list.

Meanwhile, post here to tell all of us what is up with this lousy mushroom season?

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Mushroom club meeting – Sat. Oct. 15, 2-5 PM

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Join Central Oregon Mushroom Club and get timely notices of meetings, mushroom finds and forays from their yahoo  group postings!  Contact Julie Hamiliton at

From Julie Hamilton of the Central Oregon Mushroom Club:


Mushroom Club meeting coming up on October 15th. Meeting is from 2:00 to 5:00 in the Brooks Room at the downtown library.  Professor of mycology Dr. Jeffery Stone from OSU in Corvallis is coming to speak on basic mycology, local species habitat and ecology and much more.  Please bring a finger food item to share and as always any interesting mushrooms you’ve found out in the woods lately. Good or bad we want to see it.  Hoping for a fantastic turnout.  It’s high time we got to know each other better.  Did I mention food?


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Blue Chanterelles near Santiam junction

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Posted via email from Clair K.

“This is a response to your “Rain Dance” post on the COM site (re: “How are the rest of you doing in finding edibles or anything, for that matter?”). I wasn’t sure how to post photos, so I’m sending you an email instead.

I’ve only found a handful of chanterelles (white) in three days of hunting last week, in the Santiam and McKenzie areas. You’re right, we need some rain! Generally seeing very few mushrooms of any kind.

I did however find a nice clump of blue chanterelle (see photos attached) near Santiam Jct. last Monday. At first glance I thought they were dark pig’s ears (because of the brownish/grey cap) however the internal flesh was dark purple/grey, and spore print white, cinching them as Polyozellus multiplex. We tried them in a frittata, a Thai soup, and cream of mushroom soup (this was a large clump) and found them delicious.

It may be meager picking this fall unless we get some decent rain soon. I was fortunate to put up a substantial supply of dried spring kings and frozen morels which are tiding us over. Also have a few bags of frozen matsutake left over from last year.

I was hoping to take your class this fall, but we ended up in Germany, Italy, and France for most of Sept. (my son is stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany). Interestingly, we had a fantastic dinner in a Rothenburg restaurant: fresh “pfifferling” (chanterelles) with venison. These were absolutely beautiful chanterelles, perfectly cooked, large portions, and delicious. We went back to the same restaurant the next day for a repeat!”

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Rain dance needed for the forest!


Please put your best rain gear on and do an intense rain dance.  I was out in the woods for hours on Thursday in the Sisters ranger district and found 3 total mushrooms, of any kind.  No,  I wasn’t in the wet boggy spots this time, but something should be up just the same, but it is crispy dry up there away from springs. This has gotta change!

If you Google “rain dance”  you get to see these drawings of the zuni tribesmen’s rain dance costumes!  Too cool!  Where can I get these?

How are the rest of you doing in finding edibles or anything, for that matter?

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