Month: June 2011

How to find morels and other edibles at the next COMC meeting, 6-16


In case you haven’t heard, COMC is having a  mushroom meeting this Thursday, June 16, at 7 pm at Combined Communications, 63088 NE 18, upstairs, in Bend off Empire St.

The highlight of the evening will be “Jim,” a commercial picker for 30 years who knows how to find amazing quantities of edibles. His field-tested techniques will greatly improve your chances for a successful hunt and help you make the best decisions on habitat, so less time gets wasted in the woods. (Not that time in the woods is ever “wasted.”)

As a member of Central Oregon Mushroom Club, you get to attend these talks for free.  Non-members pay $10 per talk.  Membership to the club costs $20 per person or $30 per family for a year.  The club will provide speakers on mushroom topics, mushroom identification, organized field trips, mycological learning opportunities, etc, and has a yahoo group site that makes it easy to post pictures, ask questions, and share mushroom adventures. The club has already had a couple of field trips and everyone went home happy with morels.  Another programmed mushroom talk will be on Matsutake, presented by botanists from the USFS who are intensively studying them. Please consider joining so that you don’t miss these opportunities.

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