Month: November 2010

Talks about mushrooms on

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Many of you have seen these before, but if you haven’t, take the time to view them.  They will inspire you to continue your mushroom education!

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Great mushroom show!

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We attended the Mt. Pisgah mushroom show and were amazed at the variety of specimens this year, especially in the Bolete family.  Such a wonderful place to go for those of us hungry for mycological excitement. At least five highly skilled mushroom identifiers worked the identification tables and I stayed as close as possible, peering over their shoulders and listening.  David Arora was there again to sign books and play his spin-the-wheel-for-a- mushroom-story-and-win-a book  game. Quite entertaining. Though it poured the night before, Sunday was a delightful day without a drop.  Good music, good food and great mushrooms on display!  Thank you, Cascade Mycological Society.

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