Month: August 2010

Rain, rain, pour today!


It’s raining, it’s pouring, the mushrooms are growing!

Word is out that true King Boletes are peaking through the forest floor. Please comment if you have found them.

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Early Chanterelles!

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Yes, it’s the late August and the chanterelles are making their button appearance. We found about a pound of buttons in our usual marshy spot on the Willamette Pass about 4,000 ft. If I were you, I would wait a week so that your buttons can become real grown up mushrooms. It’s so exciting! Let the fruiting begin!

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Growing mushrooms at home class

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Garret Towne, our local mushroom cultivation expert will share his expertise on how to grow your own oysters mushrooms and other fungi at a class on Monday evening, August 30 at the Brooks room in the Deschutes Library in Bend from 6-8 PM. The $10 cost will cover his supplies and attendees will leave spawn to grow oyster mushrooms on their own. Garret would like to find other people interested in cultivating with whom he could share ideas, special equipment, and mushroom spawns.

You need to register for the class since supplies are limited. Please email Linda at

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