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Chanterelles are coming on!

From Donna today, August 31:

“Mac and I went on a walk in the rain by Marion Forks yday.  On the lookout for chanterelles but thinking it too early, we harvested 3.5 lbs of goldens!  Nice surprise!  So away we go!”

Go check your spots and stay tuned for the upcoming COMC meeting in later Sept. and a field trip earlier to gather for my mushroom class that starts Sept. 21.

Lobster mushrooms on the coast

Lobster mushroom coastalI hear that folks are finding Lobster mushrooms on the coast near Bandon and south.  They say the lobsters aren’t prolific, but they are big1  Seems amazing to me to have lobsters fruitng already, especially in the heat June

Morels still happening in some special places, but boletes are wormy!

My friend Dale was up in the Ochocos yesterday, June 10, near Walton Lake.  He searched for hours up and down the surrounding hills and found a few morels in good condition. Just as he was about to be done, he came across a patch of about 80 morels, many of them blondes!   He is trying to figure out why this one spot fruited so prolifically and nowhere else.  Only 2 or 3 were too old to take, he says.  He also found some nice firm puffballs.  Here’s a photo of some of Dale’s hunt in the Ochocos.

2 types of puffballs

2 types of puffballs. Calvatia sculpta and Calbovista subsculpta

June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015

Morels in the currant bushes and spring king advice

Spring Kings are still out there but not for long!  Morels are pretty much done in the lower elevations, though on Friday, Jiune 5,  two of us found about a dozen large yellow and black morels growing directly at the base of flowering currant bushes.  We had to look between the stalks of the bushes to find them. We were at 5600 ft. near Mt. Bachelor, so head up high and check out the bushes.  Be sure to process your spring kings right away because the bugs eat fast, even if you leave them in frig!  If you just cook them and figure out what do with them later, you will save a lot mushroom from the bugs.  Also,  don’t discard those yellow-greenish tubes (the spongy part under the cap.) Dry them separately from the cap and stem context.  We ground the dried tubes and put them into a pate’ of freshly saute’d boletes last night and it totally enhanced their very mild flavor.  Bon appetit!


Get out and look for Spring Kings now!

Spring Kings June 4 2015

Spring Kings June 4 2015

If you’re not finding Spring Kings, you’re not trying very hard. They are all over on the side roads to Mt. Bachelor. Yes, they are in spots often close to others and then not for awhile, like morels, but you can find them. This is our stash (12 lbs.)from this morning after maybe 1:45 minutes and a twenty minute drive to 5250 ft. Go up NOW to where the fir and pine start to mix and get out to look. If you wait, the heat this weekend will hatch out all the bug larvae and many will be too wormy to take. It stays light very late. Another advantage to an evening trek in the woods is that we saw a black fox about 6 PM yesterday, very close. He didn’t run. So exciting, having never seen a fox around here

AMANITA Patrol – check your yard and property for these toxic mushrooms

Amanita-aprica_IMG_1129_copAmanita apricaAmanita aprica is the most common mushroom in our Deschutes National forest right now. I have never seen it like this in the 27 years we have lived here. It is also fruiting in many yards in the city, so we are seeing frequent toxicity reports from animal owners, especially dogs. One man told me he collects a 5 gallon bucket of buttons every other day in LaPine by patrolling his property twice a day, trying to keep his show dogs from eating them. Last spring he nearly lost his prize dog due to these rascal fungi. The photo of the Amanitas sitting on wood is of some that fruit under my huge Ponderosa pine trees right in Bend. Note how the universal veil leaves a cottonly layer of material adhering to the cap besides the small warts. Often the apricot-yellow cap is almost entirely covered with the veil even in age. You can’t help but step on them while looking for Spring Kings! Please check your yard and property if you have dogs or young children! The only way to rid your property of them is to cut down every tree and that may not work.

Steve G. finds lots of Spring Kings, and some toxic mushrooms too, in High Lakes area.

“…found same ‘False Morels’ today that I cut and piled. Cheers. Gave away half the Spring Kings to other fishermen today and could of picked 50 lbs of corals… thick at S Century and upper Deschutes bridge

Amanita aprica?   another toxic mushroom

Amanita aprica?
another toxic mushroom

Piled and cut Gyromitra esculenta

Pled False Morels

Gyromitra esculenta. DO NOT EAT!

Gyromitra esculenta. DO NOT EAT!

Field trip on Saturday a success!

Central Oregon Mushroom Club sponsored a field trip to the side roads on the way to Mt.Bachelor this Saturday, May 30. The first stop was Virginia Meissner, an area heavily picked, but folks found a few bolete buttons and morels.  The next area was near Edison Butte and participants all came home with Spring King buttons, some morels and even an Agaricu albolutescens!  Here are photos of some of the fun thanks to Buddy Mays!

Fieldtrip crew May30

Field trip crew May 30




Yum! Roasted over coals!

Yum! Roasted over coals!

Old morels and new cluster May 30

Julie's cleaned stash

Julie’s cleaned stash

Happy Julie with buttons

Julie and Marion field trip]

Julie and Marion

Naomi and Gordon  with a nice basket full

Gyromitra esculenta

Thank you, Buddy for the photograph and for the reminder that these are NOT morels or even FALSE MORELS.  Not even the same genus.  Please don’t eat these, even if you have been told they are edible.  Many folks have eaten these for years, but the toxin in them can build up in your systerm and cause great illness later, if not right away.  The name is very deceiving because they are not excellent.  Note the brainy-type head, not the ridges and pits of morels.  They grow in the same habitat and at the same time of year.  Beginners beware! BuddyMays-falsemorel-0001%20-%20Copy[2]

Buddy’s trip to Cultus

From Buddy:  “We went to Cultus Lake on Monday and found about a dozen morels, all of them in pretty good shape considering that the forest is so dry. The campground hose told me that on Saturday and Sunday, several people had gone through the campground carrying grocery bags half filled with morels, so we may have missed the season there. I also found two spring bolete buttons, and I don’t think they have really started yet. But, the trillium are in full bloom. I hope some of you had better luck.”Buddymays-Trillium