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Photo Ky shared – a “Clair’s special”

New USFS “special products” permits on private land

I just received an email regarding new rules about hunting mushrooms on private property.  Apparently you will need a written permisson form from the landowner, issued by the forest service.  Perhaps it only pertains to truffle hunting.  There will be a hearing on the new ruling and your opinion is desired if you feel so inclined. This will be of particular interest to those who harvest on friends’ land.  Here is the letter:

To whom it may concern,

You are on this distribution because you have either:

·         participated in meetings that involved this subject;

·         asked to be kept up to date on this particular subject;

·         are required to be notified about rulemaking for Oregon Department of Forestry, per 629-001-0000; or,

·         are part of the advisory committee overseeing this process.

The purpose of this email is to update you on where we are in the rulemaking process as a result of HB2615, which tasked the State Board of Forestry with identifying special forest products and tasked the State Forester with amending forms landowners can use to provide permission to harvest special forest products on their land.  The State Forester was also tasked with amending forms associated with permission for donation of special forest products and for buyers to use in tracking the special forest products they receive.

An emergency clause existed with the bill, taking effect on its passage of June 4, 2013.  The State Forester has since amended the forms described in the bill.  They are located at – http://www.oregon.gov/odf/privateforests/Pages/HB-2615-Special-Forest-Products.aspx.  On November 14, 2013, approval was given to ODF by the State Board of Forestry to begin rulemaking.

Hearings will be held in March (see attached news release) to brief the public on the timeline associated with the rulemaking process as it pertains to HB2615.  The floor will also be opened for comments by the public as they relate to the draft rule language pertaining to the definition of special forest products and the criteria necessary for modifying the definition of special forest products in the future (see truffle handout).

Comments can also be received by email, mail or fax:

Written comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on April 1, 2014. Submissions should be addressed to: Private Forests HB 2615 Rulemaking, Oregon Department of Forestry, 2600 State Street, Salem, OR 97310; email to ODFPFComments@odf.state.or.us; or fax (503) 945-7490.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me.  My contact information is in the signature line below.  The draft rule language is also attached.


Angie Johnson

Policy Analyst

Oregon Department of Forestry

Private Forests Division

2600 State Street, Bldg D

Salem, OR  97310

(503) 945-7387


20140220_Truffles and other Forest Treats_Handout

Truffle time!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Let’s hope the mushrooming in 2014 is as good as it was in 2013.

Thanks to Mia, we ended the year eating Oregon white truffles grated over fresh pasta. Excellent!! She and her amazing dog will be going out again, so keep the information on this photo handy if you are interested in buying some from her.

The Oregon Truffle festival is sold out in Eugene, Jan. 24-26, but the marketplace is open. For $15 you can peruse many vendors who sell everything truflle, taste many wines, watch chefs cook with truffles and sample their creations, see a truffle dog demonstration, and listen to talks with slide shows about the hunt. Very reasonable for all that.

We hope to have a “Survivor’s Banquet” this winter, a wild mushroom potluck, so stay tuned.

Oregon White truffles grated over fresh pasta are incredible!

KY and the mountain bear Dog, Keara

Couldn't make the meeting because I was distracted by......

Seems they must like my truck. This is the second time this year they just walked up to us.

Lucky for them my bear dog was sound asleep...ZzzzLooks like they're hungry!

Cubs fight'n over who gets to pull me out of th' truck for lunch;}

Mama doesn't think this is such a good idea

Says she's heard about what happened to the cinnamon bear over in John Day country when Keara caught sight of it!

Time to git!

This Weds, Nov. 20, mushroom club meeting!

Julie has set up a meeting this coming week at Rosie Baries Campus, 1010 NW 14th in Bend. We will meet at 6:30 PM. We plan to explore the tool, Matchmaker – Pacific Northwest Mushrooms online, a way to figure out getting your unknown mushroom to genus, at least. We will try the flash drive talk again, so bring your digital photos and stories of your season. See you there.

Hedgehogs by the numbers

Carey called to say he and his family found almost 3 gallons of large Hedgehogs (4″ diameter) earllier this week over the other side of the pass, maybe 2000 feet. Some chanterelles, but thin stemmed. I realize that right now that the pass is very snowy, but if you have to make the trip over, things are still fruiting out there in the lower elevations.

Chanterelles? No, Gomphus floccosus

Gomphus ready for cooking

The “woolly chanterelle”  or Gomphus floccosus is a common look-alike for our yellow chanterelle.  Unfortunately, it is considered “not recommended.”  It looks like a chanterelle underneath the funnel cap, with veins running down the stem, but the vein-like structures on a yellow chanterelle are much more raised, almost blade-like.  This is hard for beginners to see at first.  Unlike the true chanterelle, the cap is deeply funneled and with large

‘woolly” pieces of scale all over the funnel cap. Thank goodness the wooly chanterelle is not toxic to most folks.  Some eat it with no problem, and, in fact, it is sold in Mexican markets as an edible. Our new fungal friend James says they tasted great with mahi mahi and no side effects. With all the strange mushrooms we have been eating lately, I don’t doubt what he says.  Still, I won’t collect them for the table. I am sure they aren’t near as tasty as the true chanterelles. Comments?

Helvella crispa – Halloween treat

Skeleton mushroom for Halloween! Helvella crispa

Lawrence sent me the perfect photo for Halloween. I call it the Skeleton Mushroom. Spooky looking and strange, so cool to find.  A pile of Helvellas were stacked on the display table at the Eugene mushroom show, mainly the gray-headed Helvella lacunosa.  Only a few were these beautiful white crispas.

Albatrellus ellisii – another new edible

Greening Goats Foot pores and thick stem

Wooly cap of Greening Goat's Foot mushroom

At the Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Show,  three different mushroom experts talked about this fungus as being delicious.   I have found it, but rarely.  These folks extolled it’s virtues, likening it to abalone when simmered slowly.   David Arora cooked this for the mushroom staff in Eugene in previous years.   With our success at eating and liking Hawk’s Wing (see other postings,) this  similar mushroom seems worth a try.  If I ever find it again, I will definitely cook it up.

When I arrived home, an email from Randy and Margie awaited me.  Yes, they had just found a strange mushroom and wanted it identified.  What a coincidence!   It’s Albatrellus ellisii!  Strange it is.  The large tuffted wooly, hoof-shaped cap, large pores underneath, short, fat stem, green staining spots, tough texture and growth in clusters on the ground, makes it unattractive for eating.  It looks like nothing else I have ever seen except itself, so beginners should be able to identify this easily if you can find it in your book.

Arora says to cook it slowly so it doesn’t get tough.  Cleaning and cutting it in thin bite-sized pieces, I simmered it in a little butter on low heat. When its juices came out (not much) I cooked it covered until dry, then added a little more water to keep simmering it for a least 1/2 hour. Tasty.  Chewy. Good. I can see how it must be similar to abalone with it’s meaty chew.

This fall I have eaten Hawk’s wing (Sarcodon imbricatus)  Beefsteak mushroom (Fistulina hepatica,) and now Greening Goat’s Foot (Albatrellus ellisii.)  All three are meaty, chewy mushrooms with good flavor. All need to be cooked 20+ minutes slowly.   I am amazed at the pleasant taste of these polypore-type, tough-fleshed,  mushrooms.  I think that the Hawk’s wing is the best of the three,  but I could change my mind.  The more Goat’s Foot I eat, the more I like it, especially with chicken!

Thank you Randy and Margie for the specimen and photos.  Perfect timing.

My first Amanita

We ate our first Amanita today, Amanita calyptrada, Casear’s mushroom. My friend Dale (thank you Dale) brought it over the house to share after buying it from a vendor at the Eugene mushroom show yesterday. I talked with the man at the vendor booth who found it (and several more) and he seemed very knowledgable about Amanitas. It fit the book and online descriptions perfecty. I cooked it thoroughly in butter and the three of us munched it down, enjoying every bite. It is very good, great texture, but not outstanding in flavor. Fine good eating but not outstanding.

I was a bit nervous about eating an Amanita, but I did my research yet one more time again. I really believe we can learn to tell the poisonous Amanitas from the edible with CAREFUL identification. Other mycologists I know eat this regularly, so why not try. It is a milestone for Ron and I, however. A little excitement in our life.

Have any of you eaten Amanitas before?

Amanita calyptrada a.k.a. Amanita laneii a.k.a. Cocorra

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