The rains have brought mushrooms!

October 29th, 2014

If you haven’t been out mushroom hunting lately, get out before it gets cold!  I have been seeing many mushrooms around town and folks have been bringing me things to identify every couple days.  Many of the specimens are water-logged, but still in edible shape. On Monday, a friend brought me a lovely Sparrasis (Cauliflower mushroom) along with Leccinums, wet Chanterelles,  a couple of King Boletes, and two old Matsies. Among the interesting and non-edible species he brought was a young Amanita smithiana,  small but still fresh with white crumbly scales on the stem (poisonous!)  These were all found on Hwy 58 somewhere near Odell Lake on Monday.

Tuesday someone brought by a huge Hericium abietes from one of the side roads off Century Drive toward Bachelor.  I have never seen Hericium growing up there, but it clearly does!  Yes, it was dripping with water, and will be difficult to clean, but it’s nice to see something so lovely growing closer to home.  Are you still finding Chanterelles or decent King Boletes, Readers?

Doug and Diane’s mushroom fun

October 24th, 2014

YES! Hericium power! A decent haul for Doug and Diane!

“Hericium, Sparassis, Pigs Ears, Lemon Boletes, and Angel Wings all this morning:)  from Doug’s 10/24/14 email.